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get Wrapped like royalty

handCrafted with Love


- About -

Modernized Lebanese Cuisine fit for royalty


YOU ARE Kings and Queens

You expect the freshest vegetables, meats and ingredients in your meals. You demand the latest, greatest and tastiest experiences. You deserve to receive the best service like the royalty you so clearly are. Why Laurie from accounting refuses to recognize it, we can’t say.


WRAP KINGS is about healthier Mediterranean cuisine with can’t-believe-it tasty Canadian twists, and a “customer comes first” atmosphere. We offer Lebanese-style wraps, reinvented with delectable new herbs, spices and mind-blowing addictive sauces, for a thoroughly modern experience.

We follow up our mouth-watering wraps our unbeatable customer service. Unlike lousy Laurie, we know you’re always right.

- Our Story -

A couple of proud Lebanese Canadian, we have over 15 years of experience in the food industry, with my family owning and operating one of the largest Mediterranean supermarkets in Canada and Pascal gaining his experience there as well. But looking at the state of restaurants, we saw that we were overrun with fast food places, unhealthy choices and poor customer experiences. That’s when we decided to do it better and launch Wrap Kings.

We looked to our own mixed Lebanese-Canadian identities for inspiration. We took the culinary tradition from our hometown in Lebanon, with its fresh vegetables and meats, and fused it with modern Canadian cuisine for a fresh new concept. You’ll love the unexpected flavours.

Moreover, we feel deeply that our customers are royalty. We have to pay attention to their needs and wants. Our guiding principle has been: If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it. It’s a philosophy that’s been successful for us in the past, and one we’re proud to cook right into Wrap Kings’ DNA.

We hope to serve you soon.


George Cheaib
Wrap Kings Founder

- Location -


1502 Rue de Bleury,
Montréal, QC,
H3A 2J2

Monday - Sunday
11 AM - 11 PM

T: (514) 844-8222